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                              Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD

Sometimes the doctor with the expertise you want is not in your area or even your state.  Getting medical information from the internet is potentially dangerous because any recommendations may not be what is right for you especially if you have underlying medical conditions and are taking medications or supplements.  at best Changes in our lives has allowed for an increased opportunity to the health care you want.  Long distance medical consults, tele-medicine, are now readily available. 
Rather than hoping onto a plane and coming to my office in the Chicago area (you are always welcome to do this)…let me come to you and we can discuss your health concerns from the comfort of your home via tele-medicine.


If you are interested in discussing your health concerns with me, Dr. Massey, please follow the diections below:

1. To schedule an appointment time
  • Call my office (847) 923-0046
  • Email me at (I am the only one answering the emails)
  • Before the initial appointment time I will email instructions to access the tele-medicine portal 
  • Follow-up visits can be video chat on smart phones

2.  After an appointment has been set we will email you the needed forms as Word documents.  Please fill out and email back as Word document or PDF to
  • Health history
  • List of medications and dosage
  • List and brand of supplements
  • Insurance information and miscellaneous forms as needed
  • Credit card # - insurance not cover the visit(s) 

3.  Please email or fax any recent blood tests, imaging studies or medical chart notes.  I do not need years of medical records unless I specifically request them.  I will review this information before the consult.  Email: or fax: (847) 923-0047
          Some insurances may cover tele-health consultations...if not the costs are below
  • Initial tele-medicine consults are 45-60 minutes - $325
  • Follow up tele-medicine visits are 20-30 minutes - $125
  • Phone consults 20-30 minutes - $100
  • Email communication - limited to simple questions - no charge
  • I will carefully listen to you…getting you to optimal health is my goal
  • Your health plan is specifically tailored by me for what you need to be healthy and feel great...It is not a “cookie-cutter” program

  • Order blood tests or simple imaging studies
  • Recommend supplements...I have no private label products nor any financial connection with any supplement manufacturer or distributor
  • Recommend a specific diet for a period of time
  • Recommend other non-traditional therapies like acupuncture, massage, bio-energy, etc
  • Prescribe medications, always with the goal of limiting their need but sometimes long-term medications are the best options 


The Latin root of the word Doctor does not mean "to heal".  It means" to teach".  My goal is to teach you what you need to now to stay healthy because everything you need, you already have!

Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD 
After experiencing sciatic pain on the left side, I had surgery to solve the problem. Shortly thereafter, I began to have sciatic pain down the other side. I assumed that surgery was necessary again. After beginning the (ALT-MED) program and doing the exercises for a couple of months, the pain was gone. I have been pain free for over six months.

- Joann Hensley
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