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Executive Health Program

Executive Physical and Stress Reduction Program

                              Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD
What is the "Executive Physical and Health" program?

The “Executive Physical and Health” program is an extended visit (3.5 hours) with Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD and staff consisting of an extensive physical exam, review of all medications and supplements, discussion of health issues and goals.  It also includes an extended evaluation of flexibility, balance, range of motion and gait by physical therapist Daryl Massey PT MPT  culminating in a comprehensive health plan going forward. A unique benefit is that Dr. Massey is a rare medical intuitive…he can “see and feel” what is going on in the body and its energy fields.  Those patients who have had energy healing therapies by Dr. Massey can attest to his gifts.  Dr. Massey performs an intuitive scan as part of the physical exam  

The Executive Physical and Health program is NOT limited to executives.  You and your health are just as important.  Anyone can benefit from this comprehensive approach to your health and well-being. 

Why would I need an "Executive Physical and Health" program? 

At this time in our history most medical care is focused on treating the symptoms of an illness...not looking for cure or prevention.  Increasingly medical care is delivered by second tier providers...physician's assistants and nurse practitioners.  Their training and experience is good but falls far short of what is needed to address all of the aspects of establishing a foundation of life-long health.

Treating the symptoms of illness is much more expensive than preventing it.  The combination of high deductibles, co-pays, medications, therapies and numerous "out-of-pocket" expenses means that many Americans are often spending in excess of $2,000 per year and that number is only increasing. 

Today your time with a doctor and physical therapist are severely limited.  These interactions are often short and single problem focused. Your health is more complex.  Knowledge is power and the more knowledgeable you about your health the greater the opportunity to prevent illness and save money down the road...and over 50 years of medical research backs this up.
How does it work?
  • Needed laboratory tests are ordered two weeks before the office visit. 
  • Physical exam by Dr. Massey
  • Medical intuitive exam - Energetic Body Scan
  • Face to face time with Dr. Massey reviewing medical history, medications, supplements, lifestyle, stressors, etc.
  • Extensive physical therapy evaluation-range of motion, strength, balance, gait, etc.
  • Road map to health going forward
  • 45 - minute massage – reduce stress and stimulate healing
  • Jump start health with intravenous vitamins
  • Copy of Dr. Massey's book about the origins of chronic illness - Miracles or I Have No More Boils 
Cost of “Executive Physical and Health” Program and Does Insurance Cover It?
·         Total cost is $1,500.
·         Insurance may cover part of the cost but not all of it.
·         Laboratory tests are not covered in this program but are usually covered by insurance.
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I thought you may want to hear the latest update with regards to my former back problems...I recently won the state racket ball championships and the regionals in addition, I am lifting weights for conditioning, play golf and tennis and pretty much do anything I want to gave me back a major part of my life that was missing.

- Jim Luzar
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