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This seems to be an overwhelming amount of information on complementary and alternative medicine and their associated therapies. Many of my patients asked me if there is a specific book that I recommend and the answer is no.
In both traditional and integrative medicine, my expertise comes from reading a wide variety of literature as well as extensive personal experience. However, there are some sources - books, articles and videos - that are very informative.
These references are categorized as to media and specific issues rather than simple blanket endorsement.
 Fatigue/Sick Euthyroid Syndrome
 Leaky Gut Syndrome
 Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
Depression may be linked to 'leaky gut syndrome' Alternative Approach, Daily Herald
Chelation Therapy may be beneficial Alternative Approach, Daily herald
I thought you may want to hear the latest update with regards to my former back problems...I recently won the state racket ball championships and the regionals in addition, I am lifting weights for conditioning, play golf and tennis and pretty much do anything I want to gave me back a major part of my life that was missing.

- Jim Luzar
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