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Welcome to ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy.

We believe that the human body has the remarkable ability to heal itself.

Our role as medical providers is to give you the tools that you need to maximize your healing potential.


Mission Statement:

In order to enjoy the many benefits of good health and longevity, it is the human condition that needs to be raised to a new level of self-awareness. Just as our actions are instrumental in our illnesses, we are the instruments of our own healing. As humans, we are composed of a body, mind and spirit. All contribute, in some way, to overall health.

We provide the tools and foundation stones needed for sustained health by treating the whole person - physically, mentally and spiritually.

We pursue, examine and provide the best of all medical therapies, regardless of origin, for the treatment of pain, disease and illness.

We realize that treatment without understanding is not freedom and that education, both of the patient and health care provider, is the source of enduring health. 

Learn more about Dr. Massey and our team of therapists.

Is Dr. Massey a “regular” doctor?
Yes…Dr. Massey is a more than a “regular” physician. He holds a medical degree (MD) as well as a PhD (doctorate) in immunology.  He is has a doctorate in metaphysical studies (MhD) and is an ordained minister.  In addition, he is a nationally recognized expert in Integrative (combining traditional and nontraditional medicine) medicine…in total – a rather unique set of qualifications.

Can Dr. Massey be my primary physician?
 Years ago, Dr. Massey had a decision to make – to be a primary care physician and limit his medical practice or not to be a primary care physician and keep his practice open. He chose to keep his practice open and cannot act as a primary care physician.

My illness is not listed on his site…can he treat me?
Dr. Massey treats many patients with illnesses and diseases not listed on the web site…from eczema to Alzheimer's disease. If he is unable to help, he will refer you to the appropriate physicians and therapists.

Can I consult with Dr. Massey over the phone?
Due to the current medical malpractice environment in Illinois, Dr. Massey does consult over the phone unless you are an established patient.  Insurance rarely covers phone consults and there may be a charge for the consultation depending on time and complexity.

Does Dr. Massey accept HMO?
Dr. Massey does not work with HMO's unless specifically requested by the primary care physician. You can still see Dr. Massey, but unless HMO approved, it will be an out of pocket expense.

Does ALT-MED work with insurance?
ALT-MED is contracted with Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of IL. Even if your insurance is different, we are happy to send the bill to your insurance. We are not responsible for what you insurance covers. We do not send to secondary insurances.

How long is my initial appointment with Dr. Massey?
The initial appointment is between 45-60 minutes…sometime longer if needed.
How long are my follow-up appointments with Dr. Massey?
    Follow –up appointments are usually 20-30 minutes.
Will I see Dr. Massey or a physician assistant/nurse practitioner?
Dr. Massey – every time.
Why does ALT-MED require a credit card on file?
Most businesses require payment when services are delivered. Medical practices are also businesses and like all businesses, we have continuous expenses…rent, electricity, salaries, taxes, etc.  The credit card is billed only after your insurance has paid (there are exceptions).  Credit card information is not kept on the computer.

How soon can I get an appointment with Dr. Massey?
New patients can usually get an appointment within 1-2 weeks…current patients, usually within a few days. Dr. Massey does not see “emergencies” and these are referred to emergency rooms.
Does Dr. Massey see patients in the hospital?
Dr. Massey is on staff at Alexian Brother Medical Center but does not see patients in the hospital because of time constraints.

Which hospitals is Dr. Massey on staff?
  Dr. Massey is on staff at the Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Elk Grove Village IL.
I have questions about my medical conditions but my doctors don't have the time. Can I consult with Dr. Massey to review my chart and make recommendations?
  Yes. Dr. Massey consults with many patients who want a second opinion or simply a more in-depth explanation of their medical condition and options. 
I think I am on too many medications and supplements. Can Dr. Massey just review my medication and supplements list?
Dr. Massey often makes specific recommendations on medications and supplements. He is a minimalist…least number of medications and supplements that result in optimal health. More is rarely better.  


If I had not entered in this back pain program, I told for sure that I would have to have had back surgery for my three herniated disc's. I have talk to a few coworkers... They had back surgery and I cannot believe the shape they're in... Some are never going to be the same. Some had less severe problems than me and are now on permanent disability. I feel the 99.5% back to normal before the accident.

- Richard Tesler
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