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Conditions - "I Just Donít Feel Good"

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Dr. Massey excels at treating “I just don't feel good.”

I just don't feel good”. A phrase commonly used by many people. Often the usual medical tests do not reveal any abnormality…yet the patient feels “sick.”  Too often it is dismissed as depression or “just growing old.”  Your physician just does not know.

I just don't feel good.”  It might be related to the bowels, low thyroid function, adrenal gland stress or even anxiety.  The integrative medicine approach of Dr. Massey's often can find the root of the problem and a cure.

I just don't feel good”. It may be an undiagnosed illness or a combination of several illnesses, all at a subclinical level, combining to make a patient ill. Subtle changes in lab results may reveal the underlying conditions…even if those lab tests all fall in the “normal” range. Alternative medicine tests may be needed to ferret out the answers. Sometimes there is not a specific diagnosis…but there is a solution.

I just don't feel good”. With all of the stress in today's world, it is easy to feel “disconnected” and uncomfortable and this can result in a feeling of illness. It is not “in your head”. There are real reasons for these feelings and real solutions…some conditions may require life style changes, others may need an alternative approach (often more effective than anything in traditional medicine). Energy medicine, acupuncture and specific supplements are good examples.

I just don't feel good”. There are answers…there is nothing in this world does not have an antidote…and there are no placebos.

Dr. Massey and the Integrative Medicine approach may have the answers.

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Dear Dr. Massey,

Please accept my sincere thanks -- not for what he gave me but for what you took away...most of my pain and lack of flexibility. Your dedication and devotion to healing is truly admirable. After exhausting all other and use of treatment, you were my whole of last resort. I'm glad we found each other.

- Joe Jaszka Sr.
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