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If you can't make it to my In - Person lectures...for your convenience,
                      please consider my on-line lectures

The Power of Thoughts and Health   free click here

In this interesting lecture, Dr. Massey explores the physics and medicine characterizing the reality and life altering power of your thoughts, how to your enhance positive thought and protect yourself from negative thoughts.

Energy Lecture Series Promo Video   (click here)

Bioenergy I   (click here)

Join Patrick Massey, MD, PhD, MhD in an informative replay of his lecture discussion of the many energy systems of the human body and how they affect your health.  All medical systems, world-wide, acknowledge bio-energy systems in the human. Dr. Massey explains how these energy systems work and their roles in health and illness.

What will I learn?

  • Humans have multiple energy systems.... electricity, heat, light, etc.

  • All energy systems impact our health or illness

  • New scientific research - humans have a visible "glow" from these energy systems

  • Thoughts/emotions (positive and negative) impact our energy systems and health

  • Learn simple fixes to strengthen energy systems

Bioenergy II   (click here)

It is one thing to learn of bio-energy and another to experience and develop it.  Patrick Massey MD, PhD, MhD has been able to "see" and feel bio-energy since childhood. For decades he has been teaching others how to rapidly experience it.  

What will I learn?

  • Learn about some of the "subtle" human energy systems

  • Feel your own energy aura

  • Learn techniques to strengthen your sensitivity

  • Feel the aura of others

Join Dr. Massey for an informative lecture replay into the world of bio-energy.  


Afterlife Lecture Series Promo Video  (click here)

Afterlife I  (click here)

We often wonder what comes after this life is completed. What is our next step? Beyond blind hope, what is the proof of an existence beyond this life? If there is something after death, what is it? Dr. Massey has a unique perspective on these questions: He is a scientist/physician and, as a child, died twice and went to the “other side”. These lectures are not the “stories” of Dr. Massey's journeys but rather a scientific evaluation of the data and a detailed explanation of the processes involved in passing from here to there.

In this society, there seems to be an ingrained fear of leaving this existence.  That is one of the reasons why medicine tries so hard to keep terminal patients alive. However, this fear can be addressed directly by science.  There is solid science behind the claim that something exists after "death".

Join Dr. Massey as he explains the medical and physical science supporting the "something after death" reality.  

‍There is more to you than you realize.  


Afterlife II      (click here)

If you have ever wondered about what is on the other side and what you do there, then this is the lecture for you!

For many people, there are numerous questions about the “other” side.

  • What is the process of passing from here to there?

  • What will I experience on the other side?

  • Can I continue to do things I enjoy?

  • Will I be with family and friends?

  • What does it look like?

  • Is there Portillo's and does the chocolate cake shake have calories?

Dr. Massey, as a child, died twice. His experiences have been a driving force for him in learning more about the processes of leaving here and existing in another realm.

Surprisingly, the more prepared you are, the less confusing the process becomes. Remember, in this lifetime, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. The “other” side is actually home.

Join Dr. Massey for a fun and interactive experience about a topic seldomly discussed.

"Dr. Massey: Your voice was the first one in this experience of mine to tell me 'We can help you.' Thank you for the HOPE

- Annette Keadle
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