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Autoimmune disease is a condition where the body attacks itself.  The immune system is composed of many different white blood cells and cells located in tissues.  Their function is to attack anything that is not considered part of the body…bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer and foreign bodies.  This is a very complex system and for the vast majority of people, the immune system works very well.  However, the immune system can get “off track” and start attacking the body…autoimmune disease.
The cause(s) of autoimmune disease is not clearly defined…probably because there are many ways the body can be fooled into attacking itself.  For some autoimmune diseases, there is a strong genetic component.  However, an environmental trigger, like an infection, is often needed.
There are over eighty medical conditions that are believed to be the result of the body attacking itself.  Some can be easily treated and are not life threatening.  Others can be very serious and potentially fatal.  Autoimmune disease may be restricted to one organ (thyroid) or systemic – affecting many organs.
The traditional medicine approach to autoimmune disease is to non-specifically suppress the immune response…and for the acute medical condition, it can be lifesaving.  However, most physicians have a poor understanding about the complexity of the immune system and how it interacts with the rest of the body.
The immune system is affected by emotions, stress, diet, medications, supplements…everything.  For example, the adrenal and thyroid glands can have a profound effect on immune function.  The bowels and bacteria in the bowels may have the strongest influence on the immune system.  Outside of the bone marrow, the greatest concentration of immune cells are found in the bowels.  Bowel bacteria actually regulate how the immune system functions.  Some autoimmune diseases can even be triggered, in susceptible individuals, by pathogenic bacteria in the bowels.
Patrick Massey MD, PhD (click here), Ph.D. in immunology, feels that if the immune system can be turned on…it can be turned off.  Bringing the body back into balance can have a profound on the immune system and autoimmune disease.  Dr. Massey also believes that immunosuppressant medication may be necessary to save a life…but for a body that is healthy and in balance…may not be needed.

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