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Conditions - Autoimmune Disease - Systemic lupus erythematosis

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease that can affect all organs of the body. In SLE, the immune system attacks the cells, resulting in inflammation and, ultimately, cell and organ death.

SLE often manifests in the heart, joints, skin, lungs, kidneys and central nervous system.  SLE can vary from mild to remission to life threatening.  SLE occurs nine times more often in women, ages fifteen to thirty-five and is more common in those of non-European descent.  Patients often complain of fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pain and problems with memory and cognition.

SLE does run in families, but no single gene has been identified. It seems to be a combination of multiple genes and undefined environmental trigger(s).  It has been suggested that certain viruses and bacteria may be the environmental trigger, but no pathogen has been consistently linked to SLE.

The traditional medical therapy for SLE has changed dramatically over the pst few decades. Pain medications include nonsteroidal and steroids. Disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDS) suppress the immune system and prevent long term joint damage and disability and the newer biologic – based drugs can be effective.

Healthier patients do better.  Complementary and alternative therapies may help.

Tai chi movements can reduce pain, increase range of motion, strength and balance. ALT-MED physical therapy (click here)comes from martial art exercises like those in tai chi.

Proper nutrition may reduce pain – increased dietary antioxidants may reduce pain

Acupuncture (click here) can reduce pain and enhance function and range of motion. Electroacupuncture is especially beneficial

Leaky gut syndrome (click here) may increase symptoms…ALT-MED approach to correcting leaky gut syndrome is very successful

Massage (click here)  increases blood flow, relaxes tissues, reduces pain and increases function

Select vitamins, dietary supplements (DHEA) and herbs can reduce inflammation and pain and may improve immune function

Intravenous vitamins (click here)  and antioxidants have been of significant benefits to ALT-MED patients with SLE

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Dear Dr. Massey,

Please accept my sincere thanks -- not for what he gave me but for what you took away...most of my pain and lack of flexibility. Your dedication and devotion to healing is truly admirable. After exhausting all other and use of treatment, you were my whole of last resort. I'm glad we found each other.

- Joe Jaszka Sr.
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