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Pain is the number one reason why people seek medical care. Although there are good medications for pain, most people are not looking for a lifetime of drug use.  They are looking for a cure.  Fortunately, for most, there are good solutions to their pain problems.

 Fifty seven percent of the population have chronic or recurrent pain and seventy five percent of these people have had to make significant changes in lifestyle as a result of pain.  The cost of pain is a whopping 61(+) billion dollars per year...and that rarely includes a cure.

Quite simply, pain the the #1 medical condition in the US and possibly the world.

Traditional medicine offers a number of therapeutic approaches - medications, injections, surgery, etc.  Most of these work best with acute pain. 

Complementary and alternative medicine also offers a number of effective therapies - massage, acupuncture, supplements,energy medicine, etc.  These work well with chronic pain. 

However, neither traditional medicine nor complementary and alternative medicine have all of the answers.  The best approach seems to be the blending of traditional and nontraditional medicine...integrative medicine.

The ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy approach has been successfully treating pain for two decades. Originally, Dr. Massey (click here) saw the deficiencies in both traditional and nontraditional medicine regarding pain.  His first decade of practice consisted primarily of the treatment of pain conditions.  His approach grew to international attention and patients come from around the country and even Brazil, Canada and Israel to be treated with the ALT-MED approach.

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ALT-MED was the program I'd been looking for to address my back pain. While chiropractic helped didn't seem oriented to really changing my condition. After the ALT-MED program...I've resumed or taken up walking exercises that would have previously resulted in my leg and foot going numb... Great idea! Thanks!

- Mark Hampton
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