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Physical Therapy

What makes ALT-MED physical therapy different?
It is well known that the body heals through physical movement and the quality of the movement and expertise of the therapist determines how fast some heal. 
ALT-MED physical therapy is unique and successful. Our approach is an individualized, movement-based program. The movements are based on martial arts. Martial arts are a rich source of extraordinary physical movements that can be modified for most physical conditions – accelerating healing and function.
For almost two decades, patients have come from around the country to be treated at ALT-MED. Unlike most traditional therapy programs, at ALT-MED, you have our physical therapist's full and undivided attention for your entire therapy. You are not handed off to less qualified physical therapy assistants or athletic trainers.

Daryl Massey PT, MPT is an uncommonly qualified physical therapist. She has a master's degree in physical therapy and is also a 3rd degree black belt. Daryl has published original, clinical research in medical journals as well as devising innovative health programs for corporations. Daryl's clinical approach is unique among physical therapy programs.

What to expect
The first physical therapy visit takes an hour and involves a history and physical exam, range of motion measurements and initial therapy movements. Subsequent therapy sessions are between 30-45 minutes. Movement therapy is comfortable and relaxing. As you progress, it becomes more challenging – but always comfortable…
Thoracic disc pain -- free of pain after 5 weeks

- John Padgen
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