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Patrick Massey MD, PhD
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Dr. Massey has been practicing integrative medicine for more than two decades and feels that clinical hypothyroidism is more common than believed.

Many people, with "normal" thyroid tests, may not feel well – fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, decreased memory and cognition, etc.
  • Lab tests are done and the results fall in the “reference range”.
  • Patients are told that they are told they are normal and the symptoms of hypothyroidism are dismissed.
  • The problem may not be with the patient but with the interpretation of “reference range”.

    A common test for hypothyroidism is TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone).  If TSH is too low = hyperthyroidism; TSH too high = hypothyroidism. 
For most laboratories, the reference range for TSH is between about  0.5-5.0. However, those who fall in the upper end of the usual reference range may actually be mildly hypothyroid.

A number of medical organizations now suggest that the old reference range is too broad and includes those who are mildly hypothyroid. They suggest that the “healthy” reference range is much tighter…between 0.3/0.4 – 2.5/3.0. As a result, some people who are considered normal, at the upper end of the usual reference range, would actually be hypothyroid with a tighter reference range.

Over the years, many ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism, but were diagnosed as “in the normal range”, have regained their energy and vitality with proper thyroid supplementation.

A more extensive battery of thyroid blood tests is needed to reveal “undiagnosed” hypothyroidism.
"...Daryl, I am continuing my daily exercises and...I am forever grateful for your amazing work."

- Marie Agosta
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