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Dr. Massey's Energy Balancing and Healing

Dr. Massey has been able to see the bio-energy of the human body...also known as auras...since he was a child.  He has learned various energy healing therapies from some of the best healers from across the world.  He uses a variety of energy-healing skills in treating patients. 

According to Oriental medicine, illness and disease occurs when the body's energy system is out of balance.  This therapy brings balance to the human energy system...accelerating healing, reducing pain, improving depression and anxiety, correcting many bowel issues, improving sleep, reducing the effects of stress, etc.  

In his energy healing and block removal sessions, Dr. Massey adds energy where there is a deficiency and re-channels energy from places in the body where there may be too much.  In addition, blocks - thoughts that are literally blocking the flow of energy, like rocks in a river are removed.   

Each session takes about 30 minutes.  Patients are resting on a massage table that has an infra-red mat infused with amethyst crystals.  During each session Dr. Massey's hands may become very warm.  Some experience electrical sensations, movement of energy, see colors and most have a profound sense of relaxation and "healing." 

Most patients do a series of 4 sessions over a number of weeks.  Some do more because they want to heal faster.  

Marti Folena:
"For me an energy session is like have my master switch reset. Physically my body relaxes almost immediately...It is like all the atoms in my body start to realign into a natural order instead of being scattered every which way. As this is happening and my muscles are relaxing the pain in my hip and back is diminished.  My mind also goes through a refocusing.  Instead of racing thoughts I have a sense of just being.

I have tried numerous times to think about something during a session but have never been able to.  The only consciousness I have is of the energies present in the room enhanced by the music and Dr. Massey's (therapy). I believe the effect of these sessions is cumulative as after each session I am able to maintain the peaceful feeling a little longer than the previous one"

"My overall experience with energy healing has been very positive. After one set (three sessions) of etheric energy healing, my blood counts went up and stayed up for ten months. Prior to that time, I needed transfusions more frequently. It is a spiritual, calming experience but not religious in any way. I highly recommend it."

If I had not entered in this back pain program, I told for sure that I would have to have had back surgery for my three herniated disc's. I have talk to a few coworkers... They had back surgery and I cannot believe the shape they're in... Some are never going to be the same. Some had less severe problems than me and are now on permanent disability. I feel the 99.5% back to normal before the accident.

- Richard Tesler
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