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Memory and Cognition Program

Changes in memory and cognition is the sine qua non of dementia.  Since there is no therapy that reverses existing dementia, prevention is the only option.  The first step is testing of the status of memory and cognition.  After that, lifestyle changes can be critical for preservation of brain function and reducing the risk of dementia. 
Accessing the risk or the progression of dementia is not a one-step process.  There are many factors contributing to reducing the risk of dementia.
  • History
Family history, age, gender, level of education, illnesses, medications, supplements, lifestyle, stress, sleep, exercise all contribute to the relative risk of developing dementia.  You will complete this survey before seeing Dr. Massey accessing the risk factors for dementia.
  • MoCA test
A simple yet effective test for memory – short/long term and cognition.  It is administered by Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD who is certified in the MoCA test.  Tabulation of the results gives an accurate picture of memory and cognitive abilities.
  • Blood tests
Vitamin levels, thyroid function, electrolytes, white and red blood cells and perhaps other test will be done as part of the evaluation process. 
  • Initial visit
Dr. Massey will review the history and blood tests.  Then the MoCA test will be administered. Then a program will be recommended including alternative therapies, supplements, exercise, stress reduction therapies, diet, etc.  Follow up visit is at 6 months with a lifestyle evaluation and MoCA retest.  Long term recommendations may then follow

Cost (not billed to insurance)
  1. Initial visit – 60 minutes - $345
  2. Follow-up visit – 30 minutes - $125

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