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A stroke is the rapid loss of brain function(s) from a decrease in blood flow to a specific area of the brain.  There are two basic classifications of stroke: Ischemic stroke caused by blockage in one or more arteries feeding the brain; hemorrhagic stroke caused by a rupture or leakage of an artery or vein in the brain.  With either scenario, the brain is not getting the blood it needs and, ultimately, without  a supply of blood the brain cells die. Ischemic stokes occur almost nine times more frequently than hemorrhagic strokes.
In the acute stages, traditional stroke therapy has changed dramatically with better technology.  Early intervention can dissolve or physically remove the blood clot (ischemic stroke).  This results in greater preservation of brain cells and faster and more complete recovery.  However, for those who are not able to be treated quickly, the mainstay of traditional medical therapy is physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Stroke


Acupuncture has a long history of being used to treat stroke.  In the medical literature, there are numerous publications indicating that acupuncture may help. Unlike other medical conditions, it seems that for stoke, treatment several times per week yields the best results.  Acupuncture may increase blood flow to the damaged tissues and reduce inflammation.  Acupuncture can also be used for stroke-related conditions like pain and speech and swallowing difficulties.  For acupuncture and stroke, timing is crucial.  The longer it takes to implement acupuncture, the more limited the benefits.  For best results, the expertise of the acupuncturist is very important (click here).      
The brain is a very metabolically active organ.  As a result, brain cells need robust amounts of antioxidants.  There is good evidence that vitamins may lower the risk of stroke as well as being beneficial for the treatment of stroke.  Antioxidant vitamins may protect damaged brain cells from further oxidative injury and preserve function.  In medical studies, lower blood levels of vitamin C can increase the risk of stroke by seventy percent and high blood levels of vitamin C can reduce the risk of stroke significantly.  Vitamins can be administered through the vein (click here) in much higher doses than can be achieved by mouth. 
Massage can help to reduce and limit the spasticity and cramping of tissues that is associated with stroke.  Reducing spasticity can reduce pain as well as enhance rehabilitation therapies.  For optimal results, the expertise and training of the massage therapist is important (click here).    
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I was one of the many people suffering with back pain plus a herniated disc. The pain was so bad that I could not walk very far or sit for too long. Through "word of mouth" I heard of Dr. Patrick Massey. So I had my daughter make an appointment with the doctor....he recommended some exercises that were tailored for my body (and condition). I highly recommend Dr. Patrick Massey for back pain. Go and see him. What can you lose , only your back pain.

- Kathryn Ryan
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