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Conditions - Fatigue - "Middle Age" fatigue... over 30 and "over the hill"

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It is not uncommon that when thirty years of age approaches, the spring in the step seems to disappear, energy drops.  How you felt and what you could do at twenty-five is a distant memory at thirty.  There are many reasons and stress is probably the main one.  Increased family and work commitments, less time for yourself¸ poor diet, etc. all contribute.
This is NOT simply part of growing old.  The human body was meant to live for over 100 years.  You should be feeling pretty spry and chipper at thirty.
The problem is that how you feel at thirty becomes the new benchmark for the next 10-20 years.  Energy gets lower, weight gain, new onset high cholesterol, high blood pressure, decreased muscle mass, insomnia, decreased libido…it is the result of a lifestyle that is out of balance..and your body pays the price.
The incidence of most medical conditions is happening earlier with each generation.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel and even some cancers are starting earlier and becoming more common.  Do you know anyone who is not taking medications?  At your age, your parents probably knew quite a few.  Why is this happening?  Stress and poor lifestyle.
There is good medical research to demonstrate that this stressful life results in a shortened life at the DNA level.  Telomeres are small pieces of DNA at the ends of the DNA.  They are necessary for replication of the DNA.  Stress and illness make them shorter and, as a result, the body has to work harder and life becomes shorter.  The body is simply used up faster than can be recharged.  Symptoms of hypothyroidism (click here) and adrenal fatigue (click here) are common.
It is a real possibility that, with an increasingly stressful lifestyle, we may not live as long as our parents.  This is a reversible condition.   The body can be recharged.  You can feel good at thirty and beyond.…and it does not require more medication.
Integrative medicine has many of the answers.
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Dear Dr. Massey and staff:
You've been instrumental in getting our Beth back on to the playing field. We are so thankful to you and our God for restoring her. We praise God as we see her body moving and jumping as it did before the injury...

- Foster and Edie Rooks
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