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Conditions - Fatigue - Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is the name for a group of symptoms, especially profound fatigue, for a minimum of six months, not the result of exertion and not made better by rest.  The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is not clear.  There is no laboratory test or biomarker for chronic fatigue syndrome.  However the following symptoms usually lead to a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome:
New onset persistent fatigue Changes in memory and cognition Post-exertional, prolonged fatigue and illness
Sleep not refreshing Muscle pain Joint pain
Headaches Sore throat Irritable bowel syndrome (click here)
Low blood pressure Shortness of breath Food and environmental allergies
Orthostatic hypotension (dizzy if standing up fast or too long)
Depression Anxiety
Mood swings Panic attacks Enlarged neck and armpit lymph nodes

Many causes have been hypothesized about chronic fatigue including viral and bacteria infections (Lyme's disease may look like chronic fatigue syndrome), stress, immune dysfunction and psychosocial issues.
Traditional therapies include medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise and gradually increasing activities of daily living but the benefits are limited.  Alternative therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

For chronic fatigue syndrome, the ALT-MED integrative medicine approach  
  • Rule out known causes of fatigue like adrenal fatigue (click here), sick euthyroid syndrome (click here) and leaky gut syndrome (click here),
  • Specific supplements to improve symptoms and treat the condition
  • Intravenous vitamins – especially vitamin C – highly recommended (click here)
  • Massage therapy to reduce stress (click here)
  • Acupuncture may also be beneficial (click here)
  • Energy medicine for anxiety, fatigue (click here)
  • Lifestyle changes to relieve daily stress, improve energy and health
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"...Daryl, I am continuing my daily exercises and...I am forever grateful for your amazing work."

- Marie Agosta
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