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Qigong Seminar

Learn Qigong Breathing Techniques

Turbo-Charge Your Energy and Healing Therapies

Supercharge your energy therapies by supercharging yourself.  The basis of all healing is energy and more is generally better.  Just as more electricity moves through thicker wires, you have a greater impact on healing, yourself and others, when more energy can flow through you.  You must become that “thicker wire”. 

All energy carries information.  If you are seeking greater personal enlightenment or critical information for a client, a thicker wire is able to carry more information with greater clarity.  Whatever energy therapies you do, including self-healing, everything is boosted with more energy. 
Qigong is the combination of two words…Qi meaning “life energy” and gong meaning “to develop”.  Qigong breathing exercises are the fastest way to develop your life's energy…to become that thicker wire.

For thousands of years in Asia the regular practice of specific breathing techniques has been the cornerstone to good health and self-healing.  It is also the secret behind the many legendary abilities of Asian Qigong practitioners.

Can anyone become proficient at Qigong?
·         Yes…we all have the ability to become proficient in Qigong and it is not difficult
Who should learn Qigong breathing techniques?
  • Anyone who wants to take control of their health
  • Anyone who wants to experience their own energy
  • Anyone who wants to feel connected to the energy of nature
  • Anyone who wants to robustly see and feel your own and nature's energy
  • Anyone who wants to develop or enhance their psychic abilities
  • Anyone who wants to be a more effective and consistant energy healer
  • Anyone who knows there is more…and wants to connect with it
What are the benefits of Qigong breathing?
  • Improved physical and mental health with a stronger connection to spirit
  • Slow aging…Qigong breathing dramatically slows cellular aging (medical research)
  • Simply become healthier by reducing chronic illnesses
  • Enhance psychic abilities - energy opens the door to greater experiences and information
  • Stronger and more consistant energy healing results for self and others
  • Really feel energy - it's texture, weight, mass, shape, gender (energy has gender)
  • Meditation and concentration becomes easier
  • See energy fields better - easier to focus your energy and “see” the immediate results

An important attribute of an effective energy healer is the ability to “run” considerable amounts of energy on demand. This talent often takes decades to perfect.  In contrast, the practice of Qigong rapidly connects the body, mind and spirit to be able to “run” larger amounts of energy all of the time. 
Different physical environments and the time of day impact the quality and quantity of energy that we absorb.  The campus of Delphi University is located in the deep woods of McCaysville in northern Georgia.  It is a perfect location to learn Qigong and experience the many facets of nature's energy!
Whether you want to enhance your experience of energy, become a consistently effective energy healer or simply want to take control over your own health, come join Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD and Daryl Massey PT/MPT for a weekend discovering the many physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Qigong breathing exercises. 
What can you expect?  Well, bring your exercise clothes and gym shoes!  This seminar is very “hands on” but physical fitness is not a requirement. 

​This seminar is not just a series of lectures or learning a few breathing exercises.  It is an exciting weekend of learning and practicing powerful, individual Qigong breathing techniques in various natural environments, experiencing the forceful healing power of group Qigong, lectures on the history of Qigong, the science behind proper breathing (some quantum physics here!), and the extensive medical research on the health benefits of Qigong and other breathing techniques on chronic illnesses. 

For over 30 years my wife and I have been studying and teaching (U.S. and China), martial arts and qigong practices.  We are 3rd and 6th degree black belts respectively, regularly teach energy-based therapies to medical professionals and incorporate qigong healing therapies with our patients in our medical practice. 

Many of the energy-based therapies we have learned at Delphi have been “super-charged” through the practice of Qigong.  (Photo of us with Qigong Grandmaster Wan Su Jian, his friend and daughter, Beijing China)

Friday, July 20th (7pm) – Sunday, July 22th (10:30am)
Delphi University    940 Old Silver Mine Rd, McCaysville, GA 30555 

Cost of Seminar  $350.00   Includes all supplies and reference materials...not including transportation, room and meals

Register for the seminar  
Call ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy
Phone: (847) 923-0046
Reserve rooms and meals at Delphi University (recommended)
 Contact Delphi University 
Phone: (706) 492-2772
Web site:
How do I get there?  Fly into Atlanta-Hartsfield airport.  From there you can rent a car and have a 2-hour drive to Delphi or pre-arrange transportation with Delphi University to pick you up at the airport (recommended) when making room and meal reservations.    

Seminar Teachers 

Patrick Massey MD PhD MhD
·         MhD – Doctor of Metaphysics – Delphi University
·         MD – Rush University Medical School
·         PhD – Immunology, Northwestern University School of Graduate Medicine
·         Board certified Internal Medicine
·         Board certified Integrative Medicine
·         6th degree black belt

Daryl Massey PT/MPT
·         MPT – Masters in Physical Therapy -Midwestern University
·         BS – Illinois Wesleyan University
·         3rd degree black belt

Qigong Class 2018
I thought you may want to hear the latest update with regards to my former back problems...I recently won the state racket ball championships and the regionals in addition, I am lifting weights for conditioning, play golf and tennis and pretty much do anything I want to gave me back a major part of my life that was missing.

- Jim Luzar
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