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Conditions - Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

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Osteoporosis is not a disease.  It is an imbalance in the production of bone and re-absorption of bone.  The most important consequence of osteoporosis is a fracture…most often after falling.  However, most patients with osteoporosis, even with a fall, will never experience a bone fracture.  Still, the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis is very important.
Bone is a very active tissue.  It is constantly remodeled based on stresses on the bone itself.  Where there is stress, the bone is thicker.  Where the stress is mild, the bone is thinner. Those factors that stimulate the bone to incorporate more calcium (or slow its release) will result in stronger bone and reduce the risk of fracture.
Fractures can happen at the hip (hip pain, groin pain), vertebra (back pain often with pain radiating down back or around the ribs) and wrist (falls).  
Risk factors for bone fracture
  • Inactivity = muscle weakness, bone loss, balance problems
  • Low vitamin D level
  • Low vitamin K
  • Medications
  • Menopause – decreased levels of estrogen
  • Balance problems = falling  
  • Malabsorption
  • Malnutrition
  • Tobacco
  • Excess alcohol
  • Heavy metal exposure - cadmium
  • Soft drinks
Although there are medications to treat osteoporosis and reduce the risk of fracture, they are not as important as select supplements and lifestyle changes.  In addition, these osteoporosis medications can have side effects serious enough as to limit their use.  There are good, safe and effective options found in integrative medicine.  Patients who follow Dr. Massey's approach and recommendations regularly have rapid stabilization or improvement of osteoporosis scores.
Osteopenia is not a disease.  It is believed to be bone density that is lower than “normal” and not yet in the range of osteoporosis.  The risk of fracture with osteopenia is not much different than with normal bone.  The risk factors for osteopenia are the same as with osteoporosis. 
Medical therapy is very controversial…to avoid one vertebral fracture, hundreds of people need to be treated for at least three years and the side effects can out-weight the benefits.  The integrative medicine approach is simply a better option.
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ALT-MED was the program I'd been looking for to address my back pain. While chiropractic helped didn't seem oriented to really changing my condition. After the ALT-MED program...I've resumed or taken up walking exercises that would have previously resulted in my leg and foot going numb... Great idea! Thanks!

- Mark Hampton
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