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Learn To Meditate Quickly and Effectively

The medical research on the health benefits of meditation span almost 70 years in Western medicine and go back thousands of years into antiquity all the way back to the earliest Egyptian and Babylonian writings.

As good as meditation is however most Americans have a very hard time actually meditating. There are many meditation CDs and other programs out there teaching various meditation techniques. Among them are guided imagery, self-realization, inner journey and even astral projection techniques.

Over the years I have used a number of different meditation techniques with the idea of making them simple enough that anyone would be able to meditate and feel the benefits within 10-15 minutes.

To make a long story short I have been asked many times to offer a meditation class and I finally have the time to be able to do that.  My last class of 2017 will be offered in December.

Introduction to Meditation -  December 16 - Saturday  9:30. - 10:30 AM 

Location:  ALT-MED Medical and Physical Therapy, 1544 Nerge Rd.  Elk Grove Village

Cost: $10.00

Please call (847) 923-0046 to is limited

You do not need to be a patient of mine in order to participate in the class. The class will consist of:

  • Brief lecture on what meditation is and how it actually works


  • Breathing exercises to learn how to breathe correctly to reduce stress and stimulate a good meditative state


  • Meditation techniques themselves will be taught and practiced.

Just given the size limitations of my office the class will be limited to about 20 individuals.

I was one of the many people suffering with back pain plus a herniated disc. The pain was so bad that I could not walk very far or sit for too long. Through "word of mouth" I heard of Dr. Patrick Massey. So I had my daughter make an appointment with the doctor....he recommended some exercises that were tailored for my body (and condition). I highly recommend Dr. Patrick Massey for back pain. Go and see him. What can you lose , only your back pain.

- Kathryn Ryan
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