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Once a diagnosis of cancer is made, many look to alternative therapies to increase the potential for a good outcome.  Unfortunately, most nontraditional practioners know little of chemotherapy medications and radiation therapy.  Similarly most oncologists and their staffs know little about the benefits of nontraditional medicine.  Integrative medicine physicians, like Dr. Massey, are able to walk in both worlds and make accurate and effective recommendations.

Mounting medical research is showing that, for the treatment of cancer, healthy people do better and debilitated people do integrative medicine approach can help. 

Although there are no proven alternative cancer therapies that can cure cancer, select supplements (vitamins, herbs, mushrooms) may reduce side effects, improve outcomes and long term survival.

There are many therapies - acupuncture, vitamins/supplements, massage, tai chi and qigong - that fight the side effects that are common in the traditional medical approach including fatigue, malnutrition and hot flashes.

For two decades, Dr. Massey has been treating cancer patients during and after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  As medical director for complementay and alternative medicine, he works closely with the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network Cancer Institute.

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I thought you may want to hear the latest update with regards to my former back problems...I recently won the state racket ball championships and the regionals in addition, I am lifting weights for conditioning, play golf and tennis and pretty much do anything I want to gave me back a major part of my life that was missing.

- Jim Luzar
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