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A person with diabetes has an elevated level of glucose in the blood because he/she does not make enough insulin to meet the level of blood sugar and/or the cells of the body do not express enough insulin receptors to move the sugar from the blood into the tissues. 

About 3% of the US population currently has diabetes.  This number is expected to increase to almost 50% by 2050.  The increase is a direct result of an increasingly stressful and sedentary lifestyle.

There are two basic types of diabetes…insulin-dependent (Type I) and noninsulin-dependent (Type II). 

Insulin-dependent diabetes is often associated with onset in childhood and requires insulin. 

Noninsulin dependent often can be managed with oral medications but may require insulin also.  More than 90% of diabetic patients are noninsulin dependent

Although there are many effective medications for diabetes, nontraditional medicine also offers a number of effective therapies and supplements.  To a great extent, noninsulin dependent diabetes is a lifestyle choice and lifestyle changes alone may result in a “cure.”

Diabetes is made worse with sedentary lifestyles, stress and even some medications.  Select herbs and supplements can reduce the need for medications, limit end organ damage and, according to some studies, ever reverse the damage to the pancreas (noninsulin-dependent only).  Dr. Massey is a nationally recognized expert in combining traditional and nontraditional medicine

ALT-MED Therapies include:
  • Select supplements and herbs
  • Stress reduction therapies
  • Reasonable lifestyle changes
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If I had not entered in this back pain program, I told for sure that I would have to have had back surgery for my three herniated disc's. I have talk to a few coworkers... They had back surgery and I cannot believe the shape they're in... Some are never going to be the same. Some had less severe problems than me and are now on permanent disability. I feel the 99.5% back to normal before the accident.

- Richard Tesler
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