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Kundalini Light Therapy

An energy that is important in health as well as spiritual enlightenment, in India, is called the kundalini.  In China this specific energy is considered to part of Qi (chi) energy. Kundalini light therapy works through the etheric body to allow the kundalini energy to fluidly rise through all of the chakras balancing and correcting their vibrational frequencies. Through kundalini light therapy the pituitary and pineal glands are stimulated and, for many, enhance spiritual perception.

During the therapy, often patients quickly enter a deep, relaxed meditative state. In this state the sensation of energy movement is more easily realized. Energy blocks that prevent healing (often faulty thoughts) can be easily removed to allow for enhanced healing.

Time of Therapy: 30-35 minutes
Thoracic disc pain -- free of pain after 5 weeks

- John Padgen
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