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Reflective Etheric Healing

If we could easily see our true energy self, we would realize that humans are a very complex energy system. There is one layer, the etheric layer that is an exact double of our physical bodies all the way down to the subatomic layers.  This etheric layer is continuously connected with the physical body.  The etheric layer is not only a double but a blueprint of the physical body in its perfect, healthy form.

It is through the etheric body that the physical body is stimulated to heal.  However as we age, as we have illnesses and injury, the connection between that perfect etheric blue print and the physical body becomes less exact.  Healing then becomes less effective and complete.
By re-energizing the etheric body, it is possible to re-establish a perfect connection between the etheric and physical body. Body parts and organs work better, more efficiently creating a more healthy physical body.

It is recommended that this process is done three times over 3-5 days in order for the etheric and physical body to reconnect with each other.

Time of Therapy: 30-45 minutes /session x 3 sessions
Dear Dr. Massey,

Please accept my sincere thanks -- not for what he gave me but for what you took away...most of my pain and lack of flexibility. Your dedication and devotion to healing is truly admirable. After exhausting all other and use of treatment, you were my whole of last resort. I'm glad we found each other.

- Joe Jaszka Sr.
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